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9 Qualities that Make a Great Friendship
| Tips | 22 Jul 2016

I drove upstate to visit my best friend from college this past weekend. She just had her first baby. I couldn’t help but ponder the milestones we’ve shared… graduations,... Read More

10 Tips for Cheap DIY Summer Fun
| Tips | 19 Jul 2016

I’ll put my cards on the table and tell you all up front—I don’t love summer. I do love my birthday, which happens to be in the summertime! But I... Read More


Can We Bridge this Great Divide?
| Living | 21 Jul 2016

My heart continues to hurt because of the weeks we’ve recently suffered; for the loss of life—all lives. I have never understood the lens that views humanity and focuses on our differences. … Read More


Ordinary Day, Extraordinary Moment
| Stories | 16 Jul 2016

My girlfriend, Minne, phoned me on Saturday and invited me to take a ride with her to the mall. Not having anything on my agenda, I agreed. Before reaching the highway, … Read More



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