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Take it Easy—On Yourself
| Tips | 29 Jun 2016

We work very hard to give others a break, at least most days we do. But when it comes to ourselves—that can be the toughest person to forgive. Not... Read More


Our Marriage Motto
| Living | 29 Jun 2016

I’ll admit it—I’m terrible at choosing favorites. Whenever people ask me questions like, “What’s your favorite movie or song?” I truly cannot offer one answer because I feel like I … Read More


Remember the Ladies
| Stories | 30 Jun 2016

In March of 1776, as the documents were being written for the newly founded and dearly fought for United States of America, these words were written by Abigail Adams, “In the … Read More


Crazy Bird Lady
| Chitchat | 28 Jun 2016

My husband and I went to dinner at an Asian Restaurant, Stir Crazy, last Saturday evening. After paying for our glorified stir fry dinners, we found ourselves trapped at the … Read More


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