About Darlene


Darlene Brock. Co-Founder and President of The Grit and Grace Project, Author, and Co-Host of This Grit and Grace Life Podcast left home at 18. Her first pay your rent job was a receptionist at a prestigious law firm, which she left to live in a Christian commune. As her life pendulum swung again, she took the job of running a summer camp and conference center before spending the next 20 plus years in the music business. One to always enjoy a new adventure, Darlene once para-glided off the Bavarian Alps with her two daughters; you just can’t put this lady in a box. 

It was not long after leaving home at that young age; she realized embracing grit and grace were the traits that got her through many trials and triumphs. It was this realization that led her to launch her most recent venture, The Grit and Grace Project with co-founder and husband, Dan.

In addition to the podcast, “This Grit and Grace Life,” this organization currently produce a women’s online lifestyle magazine. Every element of The Grit and Grace Project, including their book publishing affiliate, was created to remind women that true beauty is found in a woman’s strength.

As Darlene embraced grit and grace to master the challenges in her life, she became inspired to write about raising confident and capable daughters, understanding that perfection was not required. Holding to the belief that a woman’s self-confidence and strength is best gained at a young age it was her goal to arm mothers with the tools they need to complete the job of raising great (but not perfect) girls.

Having two adult daughters, she understands that motherhood is not just one job, but it is many. To set any girl in your charge on a life course for potential success requires mastering a broad range of positions. In different seasons of a girl’s life. From Coach to Military Strategist, every mother takes on various responsibilities when embracing the title of mom.

Darlene has been featured on the Fox & Friends morning show, Focus on the Family, Keep the Faith, Todd Starnes Show and Family Life Today radio programs, and multiple ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX affiliates. She has been a featured columnist for CNN and written for numerous Family oriented magazines and websites such as HomeLife magazine and AUTHENTIC-magazine. She has also been a guest on many podcasts including Jesus Calling, 5 Minute Mom, Modern Motherhood, MARKED by LifeWay Women, and Rebel Parenting. For more information, visit the News page.

It was in the busyness of producing award-winning music videos, managing music groups, promoting concerts and serving as COO of ForeFront Records that Darlene raised her two daughters. This unique blend of author, mother, businesswoman, wife, and creative producer has shown her that it is indeed true, “life challenges should neither defeat nor define you.” And just so you know, she wears the tool belt in her family.   


Darlene with her daughters, Loren & Chelsea.