Darlene Brock on Coffee & Kettlebells Podcast

Darlene speaks with Morgan Kline, co-founder and COO of Burn Boot Camp, to share parenting advice and discuss Raising Great Girls. From “mom-guilt” to comparison, Darlene focuses on how to raise strong, confident children.

GOODlife Magazine features Darlene Brock on Raising Great Girls

Speaking from hindsight, Darlene knows better than most that perfection is not required (or achievable!) when it comes to being a mom. In an interview with Sharita Hanley, Darlene shares her inspiration for writing Raising Great Girls, why she co-founded The Grit and Grace Project, and why love is the most important character trait of a mother.

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Darlene Brock feature in HomeLife Magazine

Hindsight and experience raising two daughters help Darlene unpack the surprise and suspense of being a parent through the job title of “Coach.”

Jesus Calling Podcast interviews Darlene Brock

Darlene was honored to share her story on the Jesus Calling Podcast! She shared about her own path, how she finds purpose with each new step, and why she's loving this season of life helping women figure out who they’re supposed to be.

You don’t have to be perfect to be a good mom—we all know perfect mom's don’t exist. But, mom, if you raise confident, capable girls, they’ll find the path they need to take and conquer their lives.

Darlene Brock on the MARKED Podcast

On the MARKED Podcast, hosted by Lifeway Women, Darlene has the opportunity to share why she loves encouraging women and investing in the next generation. Listen here!

Keep The Faith Radio Interviews Darlene Brock

Darlene shares with Keith Stevens, co-host of Keep The Faith Radio, how she passed the love of her father on to her daughters—even after she lost him.

Darlene, author of Raising Great Girls, speaks to living out her faith everyday in front of her daughters and the long-term impact this had on them.

Darlene Brock and Raising Great Girls on the 5 Minute Mom Podcast

Darlene speaks with Audra Haney, host of the 5 Minute Mom podcast, to share encouraging advice for both moms and dads today—about how we can influence our girls through many different roles and plant seeds that endure.

Talking Raising Great Girls with Licensed Psychotherapist Dr. Zoe Shaw

Dr. Zoe Shaw asks Darlene how she uses hindsight to help moms who feel like they’re failing or struggling to be the best parent possible, why you need to use your strengths to be what your daughter needs and not trying to be the type of mother someone else says you should be, and whether you should be your child’s friend or mom. Listen to the podcast on or click here.

The Modern Motherhood Podcast featuring Darlene Brock

How do we raise great girls in today’s world? Julie Lyles Carr is joined by Darlene Brock for a conversation full of encouragement and tools you can use in your journey mothering your daughter.

Darlene Brock as a featured guest on Keep The Faith Radio

Featured on Keep The Faith Radio, Darlene was given the opportunity to speak about Raising Great Girls, her parenting style, and her faith with co-hosts Donna Cruz and Keith Stevens.

Sharing a personal story from raising her daughters, Darlene speaks about the importance of praying to God for what are seemingly the little things in life.

Are you guilty of judging? Or feeling judged? Aren’t we all! Darlene shares with Donna Cruz why, especially in motherhood, we need to end the comparison game.

Powerful lessons can be learned through failure. Speaking to that, Darlene lets us in on a time where one of her daughters learned quite a bit when she was allowed to fail.

Darlene Brock interviewed by AUTHENTIC-Magazine

In this interview Darlene Brock speaks to why she chose to write Raising Great Girls, how you can instill a sense of self-worth in your daughters, and the importance of teaching our daughters the real definition of being a strong woman.

Visit Authentic Magazine here, and purchase the full December issue here.

Darlene Brock featured on the Kindness Podcast

Nicole Phillips, host of The Kindness Podcast, uses kindness to overcome the challenges that life can throw at you. She and Darlene discuss how kindness for you and your daughter is of the utmost importance during your journey of Raising Great Girls.

Keep The Faith Radio Interviews Darlene about Raising Great Girls

In this clip, Keith Stevens of Keep The Faith radio introduces Darlene as she talks about the highs and lows that parents of teenagers face. She reminds us to hold on to the hope that God gave you your daughter to walk through the difficult days with.

Rebel Parenting Features an interview with Darlene Brock

Ryan and Laura Dobson interview Darlene on their podcast, Rebel Parenting, to discuss Raising Great Girls. This fun interview shares how Darlene went from a busy business life to writing books, and what hindsight has taught her about raising brave daughters. Ryan also mentions how the chapters specifically for dads impacted him.

Darlene Brock on Keep The Faith Radio

Darlene joins Keith and Donna Cruz on Keep The Faith Radio to speak about Raising Great Girls. In this clip, she shares why we shouldn’t compare ourselves to each other (in parenting, and life).

Raising Great Girls Resonates With Readers - Press Release

Darlene Brock on the Todd Starnes Show

Todd speaks with Darlene Brock, author of Raising Great Girls, about raising boys in the wake of the Kavanaugh hearings and the #MeToo movement. Listen here.

ChannelMom Media Interviews Darlene Brock

Tips For Raising Great Girls in 21st Century - How to Overcome Culture and Raise Great Girls. Listen here.

Raising Great Girls Available NOW; Launch Party at Evereve

Darlene Brock on Today in Nashville

Author Darlene Brock discussing the release of her new book, Raising Great Girls, her daughters, and what inspired her on write on WSMV Today in Nashville. 

Raising Great Girls Press Release