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Time Manager: Ways to determine the activities in your girl's life while keeping your sanity.



How Can You Raise Great Girls?

An exclusive Interview with Darlene, and her two daughters, Loren and Chelsea.


Raising Great Girls is a book by Darlene Brock, written for all the imperfect moms with imperfect daughters. Be Encouraged. Be Inspired. Because perfection is not required; it’s the effort that counts on the road to becoming great moms who are successfully raising great girls. We're thrilled to share a free chapter of Darlene's new book, Raising Great Girls, with you!

The Grit & Grace Project is an online magazine created by Darlene Brock to inspire women to be strong, passionate, and comfortable in the skin they're in. Wherever you are on life’s journey, this is a place where you can feel at-home, because we are women just like you. 

This Grit & Grace Life Podcast is a weekly women’s issues podcast hosted by Darlene Brock and Julie Graham. Together, these women cross generational lines and draw from their own life experiences (and those of the experts!) to bring you the issues that matter most to you.                      

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Women have changed the world, most of us will never be found in the annals of history, but we will have an impact - in our families, our community, - we can change our world.
— Darlene Brock