This Grit and Grace Life Podcast

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This Grit & Grace Life Podcast is a weekly women’s issues podcast hosted by Darlene Brock and Julie Graham. Together, these women cross generational lines and draw from their own life experiences (and those of the experts!) to bring you the issues that matter most to you.

This podcast brings women together with fun — and frankness.

As a woman, after all, you must wear numerous hats: mother, daughter, friend, partner, employee, boss — all equally important roles. All equally delightful and thrilling.

But each one comes with its own challenges, of course. The good news is that other women have gone through these same trials and tribulations. And when you hear their stories, things often look a little brighter. On the podcast, that’s Darlene and Julie’s goal: To lift you up, inspire you, and help you conquer the various struggles we all face.

In this women’s lifestyle podcast, topics range from current affairs, to how-to’s and advice on optimizing your life and finding your purpose. Darlene and Julie will guide you through challenges like surviving the holidays in one piece, dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace, and finding balance between your work and personal life.

Are you a strong woman or do you aspire to become one? This podcast is for you. Bring Darlene and Julie with you in the car, on your morning jog, or while you cook dinner. It’s always a great time on This Grit & Grace Life Podcast!


You can find This Grit and Grace Life podcast on your favorite podcast player, Spotify, or The Grit and Grace Project