Raising Great Girls


So, you think being a mom is just one job? A mother’s hindsight will tell you something different.

Hindsight: the ability to understand a situation only after it has happened. Darlene Brock understands this well now that she has raised two daughters while working, traveling, and juggling life. Because she’s worked outside the home her entire adult life, breaking up the role of mom into individual jobs seemed only natural. Then, discovering that each job has seasons made everything more doable. This book will reveal what she learned and provide a simple how-to for every responsibility a mom faces. Each chapter is written in such a way that it will help a mother successfully manage the tasks ahead on her road to raising great girls.

  • Coach: How to create the rules, strategies, and tactics, and assurance that you can do it!

  • Creative Counselor: Discover and nurture the uniqueness and talents within your girl.

  • Time Manager: Ways to determine the activities in your girl’s life while keeping your sanity.

  • Media Director: Successfully manage entertainment and social media's influence in your daughter's life.

  • Academic Advocate: Place her on the best road to education within the options available.

  • Professor of Gender Studies: The must-have conversations on equality between sexes and the view of gender.

  • Relationship Counselor: Practical advice to develop great relationships and avoid bad ones.

  • Sex Ed Teacher: Facts and statistics, and the real-life sex talk all girls need to have.

  • Financial Consultant: Provide tools to teach the traps and rewards of proper money management.

  • Security Officer: Discerning when and how to provide protection as well as when not to.

  • Communications Specialist: Tips on how we communicate, when to speak, and when to remain silent.

  • In-Home Demonstrator: What we do will always be more effective than what we say.

  • Military Strategist: The rules of engagement for your mother-daughter relationship.

There are also three bonus chapters for dads, including key roles of a father that every mom can hand over to her man.

  • Master Gemologist: The first man to treasure your girl, setting a standard for all men who follow.

  • Stunt Coordinator: Teach risk, safety, and encourage self-confidence.

  • Bodyguard: Protect your little girl and teach her how to protect herself.

Be inspired. Be encouraged. Darlene’s reassurance will make you believe parenting is a job you can do, raising confident and capable girls with grit and grace. This book is for all the imperfect moms with imperfect daughters. Perfection is not required on the road to becoming great moms who are successfully raising great girls.

How Can You Raise Great Girls?

An exclusive Interview with Darlene and her two daughters, Loren and Chelsea.

Listen to this exclusive podcast interview of Darlene Brock and her daughters. Julie Graham, co-host of This Grit and Grace Life podcast, interviews Darlene, Loren, and Chelsea about their experience with their busy working mom, and how she instilled the grit and grace in them needed to become strong women who see their mom as one of their very best friends.