How Can You Raise Great Girls? Darlene’s Daughters Tell All


Are you trying to raise confident, capable daughters but feeling unsure about how you’re doing? Every mother feels that way! Darlene Brock, in her new book, Raising Great Girls, takes a look back at the years she raised her two daughters. By breaking down the roles, this mom took on doable jobs, and she shares what she learned.

To celebrate the release of Raising Great Girls, Darlene’s daughters joined her for a fun podcast episode. You will hear firsthand from Darlene and her daughters the successes and failures that led to them becoming the adults they are today! Julie interviews Darlene, Loren, and Chelsea about their experience with their busy working mom, and how she instilled the grit and grace in them needed to become strong women who see their mom as one of their very best friends. This episode is full of relatable advice and fun behind the scenes stories from the busy Brock home.